Being confident and expressing yourself is easy when you live in an area that not only respects you, but also gives you the same opportunities as men. However, to this day, many women around the world are existing in areas where they are undervalued and not recognised as being as important as men. Women around the world face discrimination, violence and poverty, for just being women. Enabling all women to have the opportunities that they deserve, but have been denied is at the heart of DZA eyewear. Supporting Womankind enables us all to contribute and provide everlasting change to the lives of women.


Womankind is a global organisation that works in equal partnerships and solidarity with women's rights movements to transform the lives of these women. They aim to not only end all forms of violence against women and girls, but aim to improve both economic rights and, participation and leadership in the lives of women. Our DZA family can make a huge difference to women around the world from Nepal, Kenya to Zimbabwe. Just a few of the many countries where Womankind is making a positive difference.


10% of each purchase from DZA supports deprived women globally to have the life that they deserve, free from discrimination, violence and poverty. Your money will contribute to help end violence against women and advance their economic rights. Thank you for helping these women live, not existSHE SHINES